Long-Term Holiday Apartment Rental in Ankara

Long-Term Holiday Apartment Rental in Ankara


Some people prefer or need to stay in Ankara longer than normal situation, like for a 2-3 weeks or for a month.

Usually those who come to Ankara with medical treatment purposes, need to reside in Ankara longer than others, the best choice for this category of visitors is to stay in such a place that both is hygienical and economic since the financial concern for some type of diseases can be serious problem unfortunately ,like cancer or any other long-term type of diseases. Our organization provides the most suitable atmosphere with 85 m^2 spacious area which includes all the facilities which our guests need to maintain their accommodation in a perfect way. Keeping a patient in small hotel room which is maximum 15 m^2 can affect his/her treatment period negatively. Our team as Evodak organization had great alternative for this type of situation to make you and your patient feel like you are in your own house with all the pre described facilities like 24 hours hot –water, clean sheet and towels, washing machine, iron, unlimited internet and Wi-Fi, a refrigerator, large rooms, and etc. As said earlier, these flats are economical since you are not to pay for each person who will stay here.

There is a fixed price for a flat independent of number of people staying in it.

Evodak konaklama group with its professional team is great alternative for all the categories of people who want to have a comfortable trip and accommodation in Ankara, our company will be pleased to serve you in this way, since our main rule here is our guests satisfaction.