Rent Holiday Home and Apart Accommodation Terms and Words

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Rent Holiday Home and Apart Accommodation Terms and Words

Rent Holiday Home and Apart Accommodation Terms and Words

Rent Holiday Home and Apart Accommodation Terms and Words

Rent Holiday Home and Apart Accommodation Terms and Words

Rent Holiday Home and Apart Accommodation Terms and Words

24 hour hot water, A, A DINNER PLATE, About the owner, About us, Accommodates, Accommodation for rent, Accommodation in Ankara, Accounting Management,

Actual free rental units, Additional beds:, Additional Services, Additional travel necessities, Address of a local garage, tools,

Addresses of friends and acquaintances, Administrators, adorable, ADSL,

Aegean Region, affordable, Age of the building:, Air conditioning, Air-conditioning system, airfare, airplane, airport, Alarm Clock, Alarm clock, Alerts, alluring, Amenities, AMERICAN SERVICE,


Rent Holiday Home and Apart Accommodation Terms and Words
Among nature, amusement park, Ancient Sites of Ankara, Ankara, Ankara Guide, Ankara in Cankaya Stylish Apartment, Ankara Province Vacation Rentals, Ankara, Ankara Province, Turkey, Announce the pet when booking, Antiperspirant/perfume/after shave, Apartment,

Apartment Amenities, apartment finder, apartment guide, Apartment in residential complex,

Apartment Location, apartment service, Apartment Size,

Apartment Type, Apartment View, apartments apart, aparts turkey, Are all windows closed and all doors locked? (apartment, cellar, patio, balcony, roof,garage), Area (m2), Area:, Areas and Regions, Armbands, Armchair, Arrive, As the case may be,

Autumn holidays Turkey, Availability and prices, Available for Loan:, Average, B, B&B, Baby carry sling, Baby food/ Instant milk/ Instant tea, backpack, Backpack, money bag, purse, baggage, bags,


Rent Holiday Home and Apart Accommodation Terms and Words

BAKERY, BAKING TRAY, Balcony, Balcony or terrace, Balls, frisbee, cards, games, etc., Balneology, Bandages (sterile + elastic), Bandaid/scissors, Bar, Barbecue, Barn, Basement,
BASEMENT WALL SUNSHADES, Basket/blanket, Bath Amenities, Bath Mat, Bath Towels, bathing suit, Bathrobe, Bathroom, Bathroom Amenities, Bathroom Trash Can, Bathroom with Window, Bathtub, Batteries, Bay View, BBQ, beach,

Beach and sea, Beach bag Winter, Beach hut, Beach or lakeside relaxation, Beach shoes/flip flops This and that, Beach towels, Beach View, Beachfront,

Beachfront property, Beater, bed & breakfast, Bed & breakfast, Bed linen, bedandbreakfast, Bedlinen (if not provided on site, see travel documents), Bedroom, Bedroom 1: 2 Single beds, Bedroom 2: 1 Double bed, Bedroom Amenities,

Beds, Bedside Tables, Belt, best hotel offers, best-deal-hotels, bewitching, Bib, bicycle, Bicycle or Bicycle Storage, Bicycle Storage, Bicycles available, Bidet, bike, Bike holidays,

Rent Holiday Home and Apart Accommodation Terms and Words

Bike-column assembled on the car correctly?, bikes, Bikes reliable attached?, Billiard Table, Billing & Invoicing, binoculars, Blades,

BLANKET, BLANKET SINGLE, Blender, Blouses/shirts, Pullover, BLUE BEAD, boat, Boat available, Boat Hire, Boathouse, Book direct, book direct rooms, Bookin Turkey,, Books, Books, magazines/dictionary, boots/slippers, Ski wear,


Rent Holiday Home and Apart Accommodation Terms and Words

BOR GLASS PLATE SERVICE, BOTTLE, Bottle holder, bottle, Bottle Opener, Bottle, dummy, pacifier, Boutique / Design, BOWL, BREAD, BREAD BASKET, BREAD KNIFE, Breakfast, Breakfast Included, breathtaking, BROOM, Broom and Dustpan, Brush, flea-comb, tick-pincer, tweezers, Bucket, Budget / Backpacker, Built-in furniture in kitchen, bungalow, Bunk Beds, bus, Business Center, Business people,and  BUZLUK, Buzzer, byowner, C, cab, CABINET, cabin, Cable TV, Cable/Satellite, camera, Camper van, campground, camping, Can Opener, Can opener, corkscrew, pocket knife, scissors, Can opener, fork, Cancel daily newspaper, Cancel mail and deliveries or have it forwarded, Cancellation Policy, CANDLE, CANDLE HOLDER, Cankaya, Canopy / Poster Bed, captivating, car, Car check: snow tyres, wheel pressure, spare wheel, oil level, cooler water, battery,,

Rent Holiday Home and Apart Accommodation Terms and Words

Car checks: wheel pressure, spare wheel, oil level, water in cooler, battery, Car hire: optional, Car not required, Car Park, Car required, Caravan/Mobile Home, Carnival Turkey, CARPET, Carport, carry-on, case, Casserole Dish, castle,

Cat litter, cat litter pan, Catered / B&B,
Catering, Cave house, CD Player, Ceiling Fans, Cell Phone, Cellar area (m2), Central, central A/C, Central Anatolia Region, Central Heating, Certificate of international travel cover, CHAIR, CHAIR CUSHION, Chair(s), chalet, Chalet,

Changes saved,

Rent Holiday Home and Apart Accommodation Terms and Words

Characteristics of the area, Charcoal BBQ, charming, chart, Chateau, cheap hotels, Check special regulations for pets in your destination country, Check-in, Check-out, Chest of Drawers, Child Friendly, Child lotion, Healing lotion, Anti-allergy cream,

Child safety seat, Child seat, Children, Children Allowed, Children welcome, Children’s pool, Chimney, Chocolate, cookies, cereal bars etc., CHP Headquarters 4.0 km, Christmas Turkey, Cinema, circle, cities reference, City, City / Community*,

City / Region, City breaks, City Center, City View, Clarify the entry requirements for the holiday country, clean, Cleaning Fee, Cleaning services, Cleaning Supplies Starter Kit, clear trip, CLIMATE, Click to zoom in, clickstay, Climate, Climbing, Climbing frame, Clinical thermometer Toys,

Rent Holiday Home and Apart Accommodation Terms and Words

CLOAKROOM, Close, Close any skylights, Close to Metro, Close windows, Clothes, Clothes dryer, Clothes for Baby and children, coast, Coastal Cottages, Coat, jacketSummer, Coffee / Espresso Maker, COFFEE CUP, Coffee Maker, Coffee Table, Coffeemaker, Colander, Combi, comfortable, Commercial Properties, Common area (m2), Comparotel, Computer, Concierge, condo, Conference participants,

Congresium 3.8 km, Construction, Contact Management, Contemporary Artwork, Controlled Access, Converted Chapel, Cooker, Cookie Sheet, Cookware & Utensils, Cordless Phone with Voicemail, Corporate bookings, Cosmetics (make-up,lip balm), Cot, Cot available, Cots, cottage, Cottage, Country, Country *Turkey, Courtyard, Courtyard/Outdoor Space,


Rent Holiday Home and Apart Accommodation Terms and Words

Covered Parking, Cozy, Cravat,
Credit Check, Crescent Center 3.5 km, Crib, cruise, cruise ship, Cuddly toy/cuddly blanket, CUP, CUP (PUD), Cupboard, currency, Currency, CURTAIN NETS, CURTAIN NETS Bodrum, CURTAIN SUNSHADES, Customer Database, customs,

Cutting Board, Cycling, Cycling holidays, D, Daily Rental Apartment in Ankara, Daily,Weekly,Monthly Rental Apartment, Date from, Date to, dazzling, Dealers & Agent for, Deck, Deep heat (sprains and bruises), Delegate Members, delightful, depart,

Depart, departure, Deposit, Deposit valuables in a safe or locker, Description,


Rent Holiday Home and Apart Accommodation Terms and Words

DESERT SPOON, Desk, DESSERT FORK, destination, DINNER FORK, DINNER KNIFE, DINNER TABLE, DISH CART, DISHWASHER, Diapers, Dictionary and tourist guide (sights, shopping, specialities), Did you activate the alarm?,

Did you arrange a taxi/lift to the airport?, Did you empty your fridge and bin?, Did you plug out all antenna cables?, Did you plug out all electrical appliances? (alarm clock, oven, stove, boiler, electric iron),

Did you turn down the heating?, Did you turn off all water applications (washing machine, dishwasher)?(beware of the danger of frost), Digital camera (recharger), Dining area:, Dining seats, Dining Table and Chairs, direct room, Dishwasher, Disinfectant, Disinfectent, Distance to town (km), District / Subcommunity,


District Heating, Divan Hotels, Do neighbours/friends know you’re on holiday? (did you leave your holiday address, house/apartment keys and car keys)?,Rent Holiday Homes in Ankara Do you have all travelling documents with you? (purse, tickets,

Rent Holiday Home and Apart Accommodation Terms and Words

vouchers, letters of confirmation, visa, addresses, route description and did you check where and when you can pick up the keys of your holiday home, Do you have enough travel supplies?, Do you need to get your car serviced?,

Does the car need a service?, Dog’s droppings-bag, shovel, Don’t give any information about your absence on the answering machine, Doorman, Double Bed, DOUBLE BED HEAD, DOUBLE SEAT, DOUBLE SEAT COVERS, Double Sofa Bed,


downtime, Dresses, Dresses/skirts, Evening dress, Tie, Dressing table with mirror, drive, Driving license/vehicle registration certificate, Dropping’s bag, shovel, Dryer, duplex, Duvet/Comforter, DVD, DVD player, E, Easter Turkey, easy booking, easy to book, EasyClickTravel, eat Value 2, ebookers, ebooking, Eco Footprint, Electric Oven, Electric Stove, Electronic, elegant,

Elevator, Elevator/Ground Floor, elong, Email Marketing, embark, Employee Management, Empty the fridge, En suites, enchanting, End Table, Energy sources, Enough air in the tyres?, Entertainment and IT:, Entire apartment,

Equipment Rental, erasmusturkey, Espresso Machine, estate, european vacation rental, everyhouse, excursion, Exhibitors, expedition, Expense Management, Experience, explore,

Explore these Top Destinations for Rental Homes and Vacation Properties, exquisite, Extra Blanket, Extra Linens, extra-voyages, Eyeturkey, F, facecloth, Facilities, Facilities and features, Facing, Fair visitors, Family 10, Family bathrooms, Family doctors phone number,

Rent Holiday Home and Apart Accommodation Terms and Words

Family Friendly, family visitors, Fan, farmhouse, Farmhouse, Fax, Fax machine, Features, Fee / Commission Management, ferry, Ferry port, Film & TV Actors, Finca, Find a vacation rental, Find vacation rentals on the go, Find Your Dream Vacation Rental, Finding a room, Fireplace, First sea line, Firstaid kit, Fishing, Fishing nearby, Fitness center, Fitness Room, Fitted Kitchen, flash booking,

Flash light, flat for day, Flat Screen Television, Flat Screen TV, flat-club, flatswire, Flatware, flew, flight, Floor, Floor and Table Lighting, Floor Heating, Floor location:, Flooring, Floors:, fly, Flying, Food, Food / Dining, Food/water and food/water cup, Food/water for the journey, foreign, Foreign companies & Staff, Foreign Property, foreigner, Fork, FORK SERVICE,

Rent Holiday Home and Apart Accommodation Terms and Words

Formalities before the journey, Formalities/preparations before the journey, Fort, Free Wi-Fi, free-rentals, Freezer, French Size Bed, friday flats, fridayflats, Fridge, friendly, Front Office Management, Full Bed, Full bedroom, and a livi…, Full or Queen Bed, furnished, Furnishing, Futon, Futon Bed, G, game room, Games room, Garage, Garage Parking, Garden, garment bag, Gas BBQ, Gas Oven, Gas Stove, GDS / OTA Integration,

Rent Holiday Home and Apart Accommodation Terms and Words

General, getaroom, getaway, Gite, Give somebody the keys to your car and house, Give somebody your holiday address, Give your holiday address to relatives or friends House and garden, GLASS, Glasses, case, spare glasses, contacts and contact care kit, Glassware, Gloves, Glucose, muesli-bar, go, Go through the holiday planning with the veterinary, Golf, Golf Course, GRAB, Graduation & oath to the ceremony, Grand National Assembly of Turkey,

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