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Contact | Evodak Accommodation Ltd. Co.

Nasuh Akar Mah Ziyabey Cad 1400 Sok

No: 16 Balgat| Çankaya | Ankara | 06520  | Turkey

Tel    : +90 312 285 6005

Gsm  : +90 532 424 9373

Fax    : +90 312 285 6107


Vacation Rental Apartment in Ankara Çankaya Balgat Çukurambar, Daily Rental Apartment in Ankara Çukurambar Söğütözü, Balgat very Near to Memorial Hospital 

Our company settles in the center of Ankara, Balgat. You can get in here with taxi or a bus. Our apart is 5 minutes away to the center.

When you see the institutions which names are Chamber of Accounts (Sayıştay) and Social Security Institution (Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu-SGK), go across the street and pass the General Directorate of the National Lottery (Milli Piyango Genel Merkezi).

You can see Evodak Accommodation easily because the buildings are parallel to each other.


Distance from some places;

  • B.M.M 3.9 km away
  • Headquarters of Justice and Development Party 1km away
  • Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources 1km away
  • Headquarters of Republican People’s Party 4km away
  • Presidency of Social Security Institution 200m away
  • Ministry of Labor and Social Security 1.2km away
  • Headquarters of Nationalist Movement Party 2.5km away
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1.5km away
  • Congresium 3.8km away
  • Court of Accounts 550m away
  • Public Hospital Association 500m away
  • Ankara Chamber of Commerce 3.8km away
  • Ankara Memorial Hospital 1.3km away
  • Armada Shopping Mall & Trade Center 2.5km away
  • AKAY Hospital 4.7km away
  • Farilya Trade Center 2.5km away
  • Bayindir Hospital 2.8km away
  • Bayraktar Plaza & Trade Center 2.7km away
  • The Hospital of Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges 2.6km away
  • Bahcelievler 7th Street 1.2km away
  • Anatolian Research & Teaching Hospital 800m away
  • Anatolian Congress Center 1km away
  • Ridvan Ege Hospital 2.4km away
  • Ahmet Taner Kislali Cultural Center 1.3km away
  • Ulus 7.6km away
  • Sihhiye 5km away
  • Kizilay 3.5km away